🔌 Let’s hide those CHARGERS !!!

The Design Thinking Process


User introduction


User perception



  • Part 1- CONCEALED EXTENSION BOX inside the table with wireless charging point.
  • Part 2 - CONCEALED SWITCH + SOCKET inside the open-able false tile.
left image- Top view of a study table with concealed extension box , right image- 3D view of the concealed extension box
left image- 3D view of the concealed Switch + Socket with open-able tile, right image- Front view of the part 2 of prototype with open-able tile


Changes made in the prototype after getting feedback from the users -

left image- customisable according to size & type of the extension box , right image- Box section of the prototype part-1 showing space for keeping charger cables and adapters
  • The users can modify the arrangement according to the space available on the table.
  • The box section has more added space for keeping laptop charger adapters and extra cables.
  • The users can choose to implement only the concealed extension box if they are not willing to invest more money in civil and electrical work for concealing the switch and socket in the false tile.
  • The size of the lid can be custom made according to the size of the table, space available and size of the extension box.


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Artist | Architect & Interior Designer | Budding UX designer

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Ketaki Shastry

Ketaki Shastry

Artist | Architect & Interior Designer | Budding UX designer

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